Tuesday 7 January 2014

The Grey Wolves – "Judgement" (Order Ov Wolves) 1986

Another exercise in  sidelong 'orrible fucked up noise. Side A shows no restraint,and is a mixture of bad trip LSD and a forced labour industrial complex in some forgotten, long poisoned landscape. Sort of like Chernobyl crossed with Apocalypse Now. A rather marvellous creation. Side B, is the weaker of the two; but if you like listening to various boiling kettles shooting their steam through a bank of cheap distortion pedals, then this is definitely for you. Enjoy?

PS, as this blog approaches One Million hits (should achieve this landmark by Sunday evening,15th Sept 2013), feel free to leave your congrats, or otherwise in the comments section of the 1,000,000th hit celebration post I shall be posting after this one.  (This was written before the old version of Die or DIY? got deleted by Google under orders from the DCMA/NSA; ironically saved from oblivion by Google Cache).

Track Listing:

A Restraint 24:06

B Judgement 23:50

DOWNLOAD without judgement and restraint HERE!

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