Sunday 19 January 2014

The Legendary Pink Dots and Attrition - "The Terminal Kaleidoscope" (Ding Dong Records DDC 011) 1985

Christ, I can't stand TLPD's; I've slagged them down before and got verbally attacked in the comments section by irrate LPD's "fans". Believe me they are just as irritating,and clever-clever as always on this shared tape.This my opinion,on my blog, so I reserve the right to have it, you LPD's weirdo's out there. Definitely, "up" there along side The Deep freeze Mice, and The Cardiacs, in the getting on my tits stakes,but, still score highly in the DIY league table.Grudging respect is due. Although,It does sound like an after the pub attempt to be The Pet Shop Boys. Attrition, on the other hand, are really quite good. Classic, cold, dark electronic Industrial-lite, to counter the almost sunshine Synth-pop Industria of the companion side. Another fine group from sunny Coventry.(check out the "Sent From Coventry" compilation) Recorded live during the Terminal Kaleidoscope Tour from 29/03 - 15/04 1985 in Holland and in Switzerland.  

Track Listing:
A1 Legendary Pink Dots – Flowers For The Silverman
A2 Legendary Pink Dots – A Lust For Powder
A3 Legendary Pink Dots – Kitto
A4 Legendary Pink Dots – Tower 4
A5 Legendary Pink Dots – Neon Gladiators
B1 Attrition – Reflections
B2 Attrition – Redoubt Of Light
B3 Attrition – The Next Day
B4 Attrition – Across The Divide
B5 Attrition – Beast Of Burden
B6 Attrition – Surge And Run The terminal


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