Wednesday 15 January 2014

Organum & The New Blockaders – "Salute" (Frux Records) 1984

This is the sound of sinking oil tankers breaking their backs as they founder in a deep ocean.The screeching of metal as it rips and scrapes against massive machinery struggling to operate as an onslaught of sea water compromises its functionality (sorry for this americanism).
A thousand refuse lorries emptying their rotten cargo into a bottomless landfill site, to a cacophony of malfunctioning electricity pylons.
Beaten to the punch ,maybe by Whitehouse and Non, this is a pityless march into the forbidden realms of extreme noise, only matched by the 90′s work of Merzbow.
David Jackman‘s Organum, joining forces with arch-nihilists, The New Blockaders, set a new Linkbenchmark for ear bleeding noise, gauranteed to send any normal citizen running to the nearest suicide leap point……..which is a highly recommended objective in art; and this is art,not pop.


A1 Part One
A2 Part Two
A3 Part Three
B1 Part Four
B2 Part Five
B3 Part Six
B4 Part Seven
B5 Part Eight