Tuesday 7 January 2014

The Grey Wolves ‎– "Red Terror Black Terror" (Strength Through Awareness) 1988

If it ain't W.S.Burroughs, it's some Nazi,or,as in this case, it's the Reverend Jim Jones; gobbing off and creating an uncomfortable vibe; kind of a verbal bed wetting. That's what kicks off this tumble dryer of cut and paste, cacophonous collage. Industrial Noise by numbers, as we get the usual TV dialogue cut ups, mixed with distorted electronics,with underlying themes of violence and general hopelessness. Which is ironic, because that's the very feelings i experience when I listen to "chart music",such as the lamentable One Direction, or the Laughable Professor Green. I suspect there isn't a single one of the infinite dimensions that has a chart with The Grey wolves in it; but according to the infinite Monkeys scenario, there has to be an alternate universe where every record ever released has been number one! Its just our fucking bad luck that we are stuck in one where the charts are dominated by such brain dead bullshit as The Wanted and their accessories to crimes against humanity. When I was a Teenager I had records by a band called The Unwanted; both groups have either very appropriate names or very ironic, or both.(exhale)!  

Track Listing:
A1 Let The Night Roar!
A2 Terminal Extract
A3 Co Existance No Existance
A4 Rockwell Rising
A5 Rise!
A6 Black
B1 Disektion
B2 Stonehenge Attack
B3 Air Amerikkka
B4 Drums Of Dissent
B5 Operation Wipeout
B6 Chaos Warped Confusion

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