Sunday 12 January 2014

Inertia - "Confection" (Inertial Records ERT4T ) 1981

The term Autistic Electronica was the term sallied forth in reference to Inertia's first two singles.
This doesn't apply to their fourth,and last, release, "Confection". Not even Asperger's electronica, for they must have received the cure.
This is excellent grown-up industrial electronic music, full of gorgeous analogue sounds ; and they even dumped the shite vocals.
Superb Hannet-esque production values abound, the music has the un-nerving coldness and space that all the best electro-wave bands had back in the 80-85 period. If they had a frigid peroxided Gothess vocalist, they might have been big in Europe.

DOWNLOAD Inertia's greatest non-hits HERE!

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