Thursday 16 January 2014

Absolute Body Control - "S/T" (Body Tapes 001) 1981

As one is on an Electronic vibe, one feels it obligatory to post all the Absolute Body Control cassettes, starting with the self-titled debut from 1981. This is the template for the Belgian style minimal electronics that later was ridiculously called Electronic Body Music, whatever that means.
Wonderfully harsh, stark, analogue fatness, from those wonderful vintage synthesisers; hanging in space,hovering above a TR808 hammering through the center of every tune. The lyrics lean towards the minimal also, with shake, for example, consisting mainly of only the title being chanted throughout.
Everything you want in an electronic record exists here.

DOWNLOAD absolute body control HERE!
Alternative Google Drive control HERE!


Anonymous said...

Finally i found you and your great ability to reappear againnnagaign (spoon hit), but this link I wait so much to re-upload is broken...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi, thanks for bringing this to my attention. It will be re-uploaded within the hour. Please inform me of any other dead links.Its a constant battle.