Sunday 19 January 2014

Modern Art – "Oriental Towers" (Color Tapes - Color 4) 1983

Yep, its that bloke from the SunDial again with another early eighties cold wave style cassette only release on the stylish Color Tapes label. A curious melange that sounds like The Cure plays Depeche Mode plays a New Order clone band demo. It could have been made yesterday, by one of those modern bands of foppish young men, whose parents' record collection contained stuff  like The Wake and Modern English; from a time when drummers were as rare as a tune with a melody. Definately as good as Depeche Mode, but not as good as The Cure, is where Modern Art stand on the "Cold Wave " ladder of quality. Luckily Gary Ramon would ditch this shameless attempt at wanting to be popular, and embrace the psychedelic freak out, as we all should. That said, this cassette is a jolly jaunt through some early eighties indie nostalgia, full of hand played synth lines, classic drum box sounds,poppy sequences, and introverted vocals.Reminds me most hell!  

Track Listing:
A1 Oriental Towers
A2 Through The Looking Glass
A3 Sand In Your Eyes
A4 Passing Days A5 Weekend
A6 Waiting
A7 Rainfall
A8 Beautiful Truth
B1 Dreaming Again
B2 Sad Delusion
B3 Little Ballerina
B4 Stars
B5 Calico Shadows
B6 Untitled  

DOWNLOAD on the oriental express HERE!


Anonymous said...

Cool indeed!!!

I would have listened to that tape frequently in 83 if I had only knew anything about Modern Art then (Pun not intended).

anonymus no. 2

Anonymous said...

correction: ... had known ....

to much alc makes u shortsighted...

anonymus no. 2

Anonymous said...

Hi, what a great blog, just discovered it, can you please re up this Vol.4?
Thank you so much.

Jonny Zchivago said...

welcome aboard steff.......tested the link and it seems to be fine?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this!
I've recently listened to the remastered version which is on streaming platforms but it's missing a few of the tracks and is in a different order.

Looking forward to listening to the original