Sunday 12 January 2014

The Klingons – "Analog - Digital" (YHR Tapes ‎– YHR 022) 1981

The Klingons in Star Trek were rather joyless, greasy, quasi-racist stereotype villans, in sparkly uniforms. And the music on this tape reflects this image.....NOT! This is the opposite of Joyless, even though the vocals have that 80's trendy emotionless vocals. The gorgeous analogue monophony is in itself a joy to receive in yer shell-likes, via the ARP pro-one and korg micro, both classics of the monophonic synth world. I hope the members of this duo made this music dressed as Klingons, from the TV series, not the awful films; It has sparkly uniforms written all over it. Classic bedroom synth-wave from the country that invented it (along with most modern music genres)....the UK.  

Track Listing:

A1 Society 5:02
A2 R.A.M. 5:13
A3 Analog - Digital 3:41
A4 Confusion 4:18
A5 P.C.M. 3:38
A6 A. Survivor 3:07
B1 Outcry 10:00
B2 Vortexian Fall 6:50
B3 Trad. Arr. 1:13

DOWNLOAD a klingon HERE!


Holly said...

Nice - thank you!

Anonymous said...

The most fantastic minimal synth group I had never heard of - which makes me speechless considering the quality of this cassette. Thank you 1,000,000 times!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well mr anon, I have another Klingons tape coming up shortly called "Beamed Down from the Starship Enterprise",which I think is even better!?