Sunday 12 January 2014

Inertia - "Dancebeat Attitude (Pop Anguish en Route) e.p." - (Inertial records ERT2) 1980

More autistic electronica from the solid state passionless world of Inertia. Cold wave is the pigeonhole for this self-released E.P.
It sounds as if the Drum track is played by hand,with one synth set to a pink noise setting,and another to something that resembles an electronic simulation of a plastic bucket being hit with a plastic hammer. The vocals range from an impression of a poor man's Phil Oakey,to something that could have been at home in a Factory records b-list band ,like The Wake. As it says in the first track,"The Singer is Absent", but the incredibly minimal ,acoustically dead, and effect-less music is strangely compelling.


The Singer Is Absent 3:06
All I Can Afford 2:26
Injury Time 2:40
Drug Of Desire 2:51

Download this Pop Anguish HERE!

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Holly said...

Thank you for all the Inertia!