Sunday 12 January 2014

Inertia - "The Screen/A Submarine" - (Inertial Records ERT1) 1980

Time for some Minimal Wave low-budget electronica from 1980, the peak era for electronic music, before the atrocity of Midi made everything play in time; 1980 BD (before digital).
This single contains a catalogue/analogue synth playing along to a home organ rhythm box, with passionless vocals that verge on talking. Sounds awful doesn't it? some aspects it is....musically non-existent, no melody, no song-craft. This is the sound of Alienated youth, sick of the rock trip, finding their way in a new world of endless possibilities. Their best work was to come, but this is a charming moment in the birth pangs of minimal electronic pop, played by fingers not computers.
Track Listing: 

The Screen

A Submarine

Download it HERE!


Stewart said...

Welcome back! Been enjoying the minimal synth stuff, espec the Inertia tracks. Love the primitive/futurist contradiction feeling I get listening to this. Great.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Cheers Stewart.I understand,i too enjoy this feeling.
the future is primitive!