Friday 17 January 2014

Various Artists - "Integration" (Integrated Circuit Records ICR12) 1983

Excellent minimal synth/experimental compilation realised in 1983 on Colin Potter's Integrated Circuit label. Full of all the usual suspects, Alain Neffe, Colin Potter,David Jackman,it goes on. A classic DIY electronica compilation.

A1 Trevor Wishart -Anna´s Magic Garden
A2 Muslimgauze -Afrikaner
A3 Paul Kelday -Towards A New Clear Age
A4 David Jackman- Last Estuary
A5 Ampnoise - Floppy Disk Drive
A6 MFH - To Give Painless Light
A7 New 7th Music - Untitled No. 7
A8 Andrew Cox - Ritual Dance
A9 Andrew Cox - Silent Moorings
B1 Ian Boddy - Sundance
B2 Subject - What Happened To You?
B3 I Scream - Menace
B4 Human Flesh - Delon Enlarges
B5 Carl Matthews - Power of three
B6 Carl Matthews-Harmless Thought
B7 Monoplane - Fin
B8 Citizens Of Science - She Moves Like A Machine
B9 Colin Potter - Hills
B10 Stratis - By Water
B11 Dave Jones - Memories Of...

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Anonymous said...

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Jonny Zchivago said...

Many Thank You's, i totally understand that you like everything on here; bizarrely I don't think I do, just most of it!? Especially touched that you like my reviews;thats the real fun bit.

Jim P. said...

I have also just found your site and I'm very glad I have an external hard drive. I really can't thank you enough for all this stuff I've only ever heard of but yet not heard (until now).