Sunday 19 January 2014

Lives Of Angels ‎– "Elevator To Eden" (Color Tapes ‎– Color 1) 1983

Interesting psych-pop electronica from a duo(featuring Gerry O'Connell of Modern Art) called Lives of Angels, on the Color Tapes label. Sort of a budget sub-Cherry Red Pillows and Prayers era kind of label; more associated with the proto-indie psych of a pre-Sun Dial Gary Ramon than this stuff. Very charming twee melodies floating over a mechanical drum machine rhythm, with jangly guitars. The bands on this label like Syd Barrett, Velvet Underground,Nuggets, and Rubble; and what’s wrong with that? This being the first release on said label, that changed its name to Color Disc when it released 'proper' records. They so wanted to be either Felt or on Cherry red for real did this lot.  

Track Listing:

A1 Imperial Motors
A2 Pavillion
A3 Ascension
A4 Heartland
A5 Golden Age
B1 Red Suit
B2 Cold Expression
B3 The Rock Drill
B4 Meltdown
B5 Nothing Yet

DOWNLOAD the down elevator to eden HERE!


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

We thought you might like to know that our new album is out now on Dark Entries records:

It already has some neat reviews and we are pleased with the great packaging job that Dark Entries have done on it. You can hear a song from the album, 'After Dark', on N1M right now.

All the best,

Lives of Angels
Gerald & Catherine

Wolfgang said...

This is not the cassette version. The tracklist you show here is correct but the file you are offering for download is the vinyl version from 1986: Can you get hold of that cassette version, too? Best wishes from Essen!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Sorry for that glaring error wolfgang.
The cassette version (1983) has now been uploaded in place of the '86 version.

sumyum said...

Thank you for this! Just got turned onto them and was happy to find it to tie me over til I order a copy from Dark Entries.