Thursday, 9 January 2014

Schlafengarten - "Spring Cleaning!!" (Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 26) 1986

My rudimentary German translates this artist's name as "Sleep garden", but relax, this guy ain't German, rudimentary or otherwise. In fact I first encountered Schlafengarten on a shared cassette with DCMA snitchers The Psyclones; who objected to their, admittedly, crap cassettes once being featured on Die or DIY 1? Why? I dunno,maybe as they're Californians, they were afflicted with that heinous disease, "The Hollywood Syndrome". An affliction that invades the feeble ego's of many a Z-list pop star. This despicable syndrome doesn't seem to affect the geezer,although also Californian, behind Schlafengarten. This C-30 is also on the great Sound of Pig Label, run by that bloke from The Styrenes, so things are looking good. Thankfully, they also sound good. The first side comprising of mainly minimal electronic pop songs, suggesting an Indie Pop Residents, but NOT! The Title Track, "Spring Cleaning", takes up side two, and is quite superb. A jumble sale of a sound collage, mixing tape loops, fucked up beats, and a myriad of delightfully half-assed tunes. This is fine experimental Pop, in the tradition of the Beatles' "Whats New Mary Jane" and "Revolution *9", or The Residents', "The Residents Play The Beatles and The Beatles Play The Residents"; if I got that right, 'cus I can't be fucking arsed to check! I probably overplayed the quality of this tune, but I gotta write about something ain't I? I could do what most Blogs do and just post a link and a picture I suppose, but that's just a waste of the opportunities that are provided by this vast medium called..."Thee inter-fucking-net"; the heir apparent of the humble Cassette.

Track Listing:

 A1 And When U Sleep
A2 I Dont Wanna Hear About It
 A3 You Feel
A4 Turn Away
B1 Spring Cleaning

DOWNLOAD some clean springs HERE!!

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Mr. P said...

Even if one did not download and enjoy these offerings, it would be worth it just to come here and read your album commentaries. (!)

Love it.