Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Grey Wolves – "The Chaos Ov Creation" (Strength Through Awareness) 1988

The above insert explains much of what is happening ,non-musically speaking, on this C-60. Much window scraping, steel factory ambiance, nails down blackboard goings on for side A; and plenty of dark rumblings in a derelict death camp church on side B. They may not be the most original Industrial band going, but The Grey Wolves certainly have their qualitative and quantitative strengths. Always interesting, and have stuck firmly to their principles. Always confrontational, and not afraid to explore forbidden taboo's. Exactly what an Industrial culture band should be doing,and they are still doing it to this day.    

Track Listing:
A Untitled 1-9 (30:23)
B Untitled (30:33)

DOWNLOAD this creation ov chaos HERE!

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