Sunday 19 January 2014

The Mystery Plane ‎– "Punishment Block" (color tapes - color 3) 1983

Another group with Gary Ramon (Gary Gipps) in it, augmented by the complete Lives of Angels line-up, and someone called Doctor Zero(?) on vocals. Again, not as psychedelic as you would expect,and more in line with the alternative charts of 1983.No great innovations here,but still an interesting listen for anyone sick of their Echo and the Bunnymen/Teardrop Explodes records(ie everyone)..Beat box bedroom Psych,for the discerning early eighties teen. Though truly made in the DIY spirit, Ramon will not find his real mojo until The Sun Dial's first album;then lose it,incidentally, for the second Sun Dial album,which was absolutely dire Ecstasy inspired/uninspired,baggy beat crap!But the Mystery Plane ain't bad, as it was made before 'E' fucked pop music up forever.  

Track Listing:

A1 Burning Desire
A2 Find Some Body
A3 Nosedive
A4 Food For Him
A5 Death Sentence
A6 Pigsty Café
B1 When The £ Runs Out
B2 My Obsession
B3 This Is Your Life
B4 New Bride
B5 Punishment Block
B6 Hello Dummy

DOWNLOAD or be punished HERE!


SilenceIsDeafening said...

this doesn't have the first track

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well that's a mystery!?
It doesn't exist in its own right i reckon.
i don't have it anyway, and its not on the tape.
i've amended the running order accordingly.

Mr. P said...

In related news, the Tuning Circuits also appeared to be missing the first track of each side, but it turns out that 2 of the songs were combined (on each side).