Friday, 10 January 2014

Anyone Can Be Eno - "Anyone Can be Eno" (Erase Head Cassettes ER1) 1979

A bit of a mystery band from the cassette archives is this masterpiece of hour long no-fi cassette fuzzy feedback dronescape ugliness. Obviously one evening, the band , Col, Scoop,and Pete, were listening to "Discreet Music" and,understandably, Scoop must have said,"you know 'Anyone can be Eno'!" Which essentially, is true; but being the first to be Eno is the trick. No Oblique Strategies involved in this one note drone epic; as Anyone can Be Eno efficiently demonstrate that NOT anyone can be Eno. This is more akin to anyone can be a low budget Dreamweapon era Spaceman 3 than any Eno-werks; but the fact that they did it ten years before Sonic Boom and his public school chums is something to be applauded. 
Just had a quick Google and found this: The "Pete" I remembered was indeed Pete Woodin (mentioned in the 3rd paragraph of "THE MUSICAL HISTORY OF MYSTERY DICK")" I hope that disperses the clouds somewhat, but i prefer the mystery,to the mystery dick(although a fine project that is too). But what I really wanna hear, is that Erase Head cassette ,ER2, by The Freaky Twato's. If there's anyone out there in blog land, most likely in a secure mental institution, who owns this.......I want it!  

Track Listing:

Side 1:
Saw a Potato Pimple Like On The Floor(I owe it all to Dan) parts 1-6 Live Tubiflex worm (32:27)
Side 2:
45 Dead Worms (32:25)

DOWNLOAD and become Eno HERE!


Anonymous said...

is this link nonworkable?

Jonny Zchivago said...

It should work, seems fine from this end?
Try refreshing your browser etc.

Stephen said...

I was at art school in Shrewsbury with Pete Woodin, and knew Colin a little bit. Pete was an original thinker and a lot of fun. The title Live Tubiflex Worm came from that very phrase, that he saw scrawled on the window of a pet shop one day, presumably by the proprietor. Presumably the little creatures are fodder for some other animal. Fish?

He and I jammed once or twice, though we inhabited different musical universes. He was in a "punk" band in 1978, called Nude Woman. The irony of this name was, I think, lost on his colleagues, though I'm sure that they enjoyed its shock value. He went on to much more conceptual musical efforts, for instance this tape. My own music was far too mainstream to interest him, so we never collaborated on anything like this. He recorded another cassette entitled "Webster Breast Laughs at Life," a solo effort and jolly listenable, that I bought from him circa 1981/82.

I remember a cassette by the Freaky Twatos, but alas, I had not enough money to order it from him.

I can imagine that, these days, he shuns the Internet, or grudgingly uses it under one or more pseudonyms. Lord knows I've tried to track the fellow down.

Jonny Zchivago said...

You knew members of Anyone Can Be Eno? We are not worthy!
Very interesting legend enhancement from you there.
I'd go and see a band called Nude Woman anyday,and don't understand why anyone wouldn't?
I sure he'd be amazed that this work is on the net.

Many thanks for your input, much app.

Vimmer said...

Pete Woodin moved to Bristol and was active around the Bristol punk / squatting scene. He also features in the Easton Cowboys "Freedom through Football" book I was in a band with him in the late 80's. I see him occasionally at Bristol Rovers matches when I visit Bristol.

Richie Muster said...

Once again i must thank you, Jonny, for brightening a dull, cold day in Lancashire. I always like a trawl round the back alleys & byways of your blog when boredom threatens - there's never nuthin' to be found. Cheers.