Sunday 19 January 2014

Tuning Circuits - "No Compassion" ( Totally Freaked Out Power Electronics ‎– TFO PE2, Totally Freaked Out Power Electronics ‎– No. 2) 1990

Not all Electronic music was shit after 1985, some of that Acid House stuff was pretty good, and Drum'n'Bass was rather marvellous around 1995. And this cassette is most excellent in its House music filtered through home made Tandy/maplin style electronic kits kinda way. The Solid state circuitry fizzes with an endearing cheapness that most Dance producers gag at; but fuck those pricks, this is what dance music should be, endlessly repetitive and home made by real people for real people. All this and a great malfunctioning robot voice to put some icing on the already sweet cake. Like it says on the insert: "Recorded live at home April/May 1990. No mixing or editing afterwards, no samples, no stereo, no dolby. Play this analog dancecore very loud!!!!"
Track Listing: 
 A1 I Am A Non-Believer (Looking Out Of The Window On Sunday Version)
A2 I Know What You Want (Harcore XXX Version)
A3 No Compassion (No Compassion Version)
A4 Come Again (Sleazy Orgiastic Version)
B1 Mindbender (It's In Your Brain Version)
B2 It's In My Brain Too (Screaming Oscillator Version)
B3 It's In Your Brain (Harcore House Version)
B4 Now You Know Where You Stand (Too Heavy Bass Distorted Version)  

DOWNLOAD without compassion HERE!


Unknown said...

Frikkin' A class analog Techno, awesome

Unknown said...

any chance you might cover the 30 minutes of my life tape/LP reissue?

cortez said...

Que orgasmo!!

Mr. P said...

After reading the description and the comments, I couldn't wait to start listening to this. It does not disappoint!