Wednesday 15 January 2014

Storm Bugs – " Metamorphose " (L’Invitation au Suicide INV 0100) 1981

Storm Bugs were formed by Philip Sanderson and Steven Ball in 1978 and have been described as “the spiritual forefathers to Oval”, grandaddies of the “Glitch”. That’s pushing it a bit, but what they were good at is sounding like a shortwave broadcast from some aliens from an ignored planet’s extra-terrestrial insane asylum. The broadcast is, of course, very badly tuned in on your pre-digital receiver.
The cover of this single looks like a propaganda poster asking for contributions for a revamped nazi party, which explains why ‘Tin’ sounds rather like a fine example of Forced Labour Disco; a genre that is inexplicably absent from the racks of all those closed down record shops out there.
‘Car Situations’ , with its ‘Take a child on Holiday’ refrain, sadly suggests a mentally malfunctioning male with a Pete Townsend style ‘curiosity’; although I doubt that is what the composition is about. You have to be careful about these things these days. No such bother in 1980, where it was perfectly acceptable to make such dodgy references. Listen to several John Peel shows and you can hear the venerable old sod, making many references to school girls, and openly bragging about having sex with under age girlfriends in the sixties. This is statutory rape, is it not? This is a fine example why Hippie culture was the twentieth centuries western version of the Taliban.
All this has nothing to do with the great Storm Bugs however, and I apologise for digressing, but I can’t stand those Hippie-crites. Long haired smelly sex abusers.For evidence check out hippie DIY’ers/cult Father Yod and Ya Ho Wha 13 to come later on this blog.

Steven Ball enlightens us school drop outs further:

" To clarify, the cover of the single (yes it is a Hitler youth member), was imposed on it by the label. We were utterly disgusted with it when it arrived and discarded as many as we could, replacing with them with a plain sleeve. As the sound of Tin might suggest (it is also a melodic rockabilly inflected pop song, with acoustic guitar), we were trying to make something a world away from the tired death camp imagery and fascist flirtations that proliferated at that time, promulgated by many of the contemporary post-punkers (TG being the worst offenders), so we were doubly disappointed to be unwillingly thrown back into the fray. Unfortunately the image seems to have resurfaced in the internet age. "Take a child on holiday" is a reference to Nabokov's 'Lolita' to be taken as literary, rather than literally. Most of the lyric was written using a cut-up technique, from various sources."

Track Listing:

1 – Tin
2 – Car Situations

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