Tuesday 14 January 2014

Stratis – "New Face" – (Integrated Circuit Records) 1983

Next ICR release is from the slightly dodgy proggy electronic pop vehicle, Stratis, founded 1981 in Cologne by Albert Klein and Antonios Stratis.
It has its Vangelis moments, its euro-disco moments, and its Neue Deutsche Welle moments; but you cannot fail to be lured onto the rocks by those gorgeous synth sounds. Why did synthesisers sound better in the eighties? Maybe because a lot of this stuff was played by human beings and not some fucking twat with a laptop. This blog is mainly about celebrating the human factor in music, the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle applied to music, rather than quantum physics.
Enemies of DIY?….protools and cu -fucking- base. The elimination of mistakes, and inaccuracy, sterilises all that is good and pure.

Track Listing:

1- Technotown
2- Humanly Possible
3 – Birds In A Cage
4 – Mystery Trip
5 – Die Kur
6 – She`s Dancing
7 – Theatre
8 – Foggy Weather

DOWNLOAD the slightly dodgy Stratis HERE!

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