Wednesday 8 January 2014

Sigillum S ‎– "Sigillum S" (Order Ov Wolves) 1986

 The only group/artist that gets anywhere near being genuinely frightening, for me, is Coil. And that is the direction that Sigillum S tries to take on this eponymous cassette from 1986. They've obviously heard the aforementioned Coil, and have taken a lot of that sound on-board.....and why not? Its the Gothic end of the Industrial genre that is explored here, and with some success. Though for me I prefer the rougher hewn Industrial musick, to this well made, more structured variety. As far as Italian Industrial musick is concerned, I'd choose the noisier end of the market, MB and Mauthausen Orchestra; but this definitely  has its good points. As an anti-religion fanatic, I find the Ritualistic nature of some of this stuff annoying; but it does a fine job in unsettling Christians and the other cults of this planet, so it gets a big thumbs up from Jonny Zchivago(whoops! I just referred to myself in the third person,please accept my humble apology's).  

Track Listing:

A1 Purity 5:57
A2 De-Control 13:19
A3 Resh ‎ 4:43
B1 Terminal 2:50
B2 Incstant Of The Obsession 12:20
B3 Eternal Part IV 4:15
B4 Portrait 2:56

DOWNLOAD this eponymous gothic industrial debut HERE!

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