Tuesday 21 January 2014

Portion Control – "Dining On The Fresh" (In Phaze Records POR CON 004) 1981

Portion Control later famed for some rather splendid  seminal Power Electronics/Body Music tracks, started out as a quaint plinky plonky sub- Depeche Mode outfit. Captured very nicely on this lavish cassette and Flexi disc set, complete with badge,poster and Balloon (?), gloriously stuffed into an envelope.
These tunes are really quite dreadful, but also charmingly attractive in the classic DIY sense.

Track Listing:

Better Place 3:18
Wippy Dippy Dappy Do! 3:47
Untitled 4:15
Sweet Julia (New Version) 3:32
Flexi A
Across The Fence

Flexi B
All Of My Time

DOWNLOAD dining on the fresh HERE!

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