Tuesday 14 January 2014

Rick Crane – " A Long Week In Houston " (Self Release Cassette) 1982

A Superb analogue electronic bubble bath, full of warm transistor driven curves, captured on smooth ,hissy , chrom-dioxide tape. You won’t miss the harsh spikes and square edges of the binary hell of the digital medium, because this is what Kosmiche musick should sound like.You are highly recommended to check out Rick’s work for Integrated circuit records posted earlier in this blog; “Kolyma”. A work of equal magnitude from analogue heaven.

Track Listing:

Side A – Hals Blue Period – Nine Years Meditation
Side B – A long week In Houston

DOWNLOAD a long week in houston HERE!


Vote4cake said...

Y the heck have I never heard of this tape for all these months? Even Discogs didn't mention it.
Thank you mane. . ... .. .. . ...

Jonny Zchivago said...

I believe it to be Ricks finest piece.Discogs smishcogs!