Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Keith Rowe ‎– "A Dimension Of Perfectly Ordinary Reality" (Matchless Recordings ‎– MR19) 1990

Prepared "Table top Guitar" specialist,Keith Rowe from AMM fame, freaks out with said guitar, torturing it with various tools and effects units. All this racket and plenty of random Radio dialling, add to a heady cocktail of something from 'out-there'. He also manages to fit in a Cornelius Cardew composition too (Ode Machine No. 2), which ain't no bad 'ting.
This was his first 'solo' album I think, sticking it up the proverbial arse of conventional musicality; and has been pretty prolific ever since. Still doing it well into his mid seventies........whoever said cutting edge music is a young man's game obviously hadn't noticed that, actually, shite music is the young man's game in these sad old post-music, post everything, days. Just connect their brains to a sony x-station and they'll be happy to slowly fade away, oblivious to the creeping Orwellian existence that is being stealthily inflicted on everyone. That's the ordinary reality that the late Cardew was talking about when he provided the title of this splendid LP; envisaging a kind of  'people's liberation music'.


1 Untitled 24:03
2 Ode Machine No. 2 7:28
3 City Music 11:08
4 '73 17:37

DOWNLOAD some ordinary reality in perfect dimensions HERE!

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