Thursday, 22 May 2014

Evan Parker / Derek Bailey / Han Bennink ‎– "The Topography Of The Lungs" (Incus Records ‎– 01) 1970

UK Free jazz legends Parker and Bailey, plus obligatory dutch percussionist, recreate the sound of emptying refuse trucks at an illegal landfill site.
This was the first release on Parker and Bailey's ground-breaking Incus Label, way back in 1970.
It's an every man for himself improv-off,with clattering drums, scratchy guitar, and gargling saxophones, battling for the foreground. There are welcome tranquil moments, which showcase Bailey's interest in harmonics, and Parker's more subtle side; but overall this is a landmark album for underground UK experimental music, both musically and entrepreneurially  
Unavailable for years after the split. Parker re-released the album following Bailey's death in 2005 - dedicating the cd to his old sparring partner. Strangely, despite this noble sentiment, the record appears under his name alone and is not accredited to the original trio......mmmmmm?


A1 Titan Moon
B1 For Peter B. & Peter K.
B2 Fixed Elsewhere
B3 Dogmeat

DOWNLOAD some topographical lung squeezings HERE!


rev.b said...

I've never heard this one but I've always wanted to. I'm sure it will rock my world. Thanks for the chance!

Devyn Smith said...

this is a genuine face-melter. my thanks as well! the oddest thing about the whole affair might be how fucking great the recording is! this dirty cacophony is crystal clear, in the best way possible!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
Much appreciated!

A. S. said...

I've been craving some Han Bennink. Thank you.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yeah, it is rather fucking excellent!

Anonymous said...

muchas gracias

Unknown said...

Thank you so much