Friday, 2 May 2014

Jandek - "Blue Corpse" (Corwood 0753) 1987

Jandek goes acoustic again after a long run of mostly electric LP’s, but this is quite different from the early acoustic LP’s. The songs are more musically and emotionally distinct, though this is attained partially through a much more conventional, strumming-based style on acoustic guitar.
For most of the LP, Jandek adopts a distinct vocal style, higher pitched and more breathy. Nancy has disappeared, and a lot of the songs are about a breakup. Did they break up and this LP is the aftermath? Jandek's 'break-up" album??
This ain’t exactly tuneful in the Goffin-King sense... but it is one of his most 'accessible'. The trademark disconnected barren landscapes still flit through his lyrics, and the vocals are still anguished, though in a soft moaning way rather than the blood-curdling manic half-scream that he’s also been known to favour. Instead of flailing about on an untuned guitar, he now sticks almost exclusively to conventional, non-dissonant chords, usually with a folky strum that echoes down-home blues and early 70’s acoustic Neil Young... which is not to say that yer average listener won’t find this unfathomably demented compared to any other solo acoustic songwriter album you can name.Neil Young this is most definitely NOT.


A1 I Passed By The Building 3:44
A2 C F 2:07
A3 Variant 1:44
A4 Part II 1:45 
A5 Your Other Man 5:36
A6 Long Way 0:50 
A7 Down At The Ballpark 2:14
B1 Harmonica 5:04
B2 House Of The Rising Sun 4:34
B3 Only Lover 10:48
B4 Quinn Boys 1:52
B5 One Minute 1:00

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