Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Jandek ‎– "White Box Requiem" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0763) 1996

White Box is allegedly a concept album? It opens with the surprisingly short song "The Glade" that moves nicely into the theme of the album..."White Box". It is a story of a man opening a small box which he was instructed not to open, a reference to Pandora's box and alluding to The Tree of Knowledge.
This album is a bit disjointed and confusing, and is ,hopefully,supposed to compound the metaphor of the box bringing chaos and confusion.
It features only Jandek's shakey voice and his randomly plucked and strummed detuned acoustic guitar,fed through a short delay effect. It's all weirdly direction-less and out of sorts,even a little alarming. Jandek sounds confused and uncertain and that's directly expressed in the music, which wanders disorientatingly, full of tangents, fragments, and false starts.Almost catatonically mopey and meandering; it's not like BlueCorpse, which is a record about emotional devastation with some perspective on it, not totally from inside an open wound.
Another strange beast in the vast Jandek canon.


1 The Glade 1:23
2 White Box 3:48
3 Second Thoughts 1:40
4 Concrete Steps 3:43
5 Eternal Waltz 4:29
6 Thinking 1:41
7 Part Yesterday 3:02
8 Walking In The Meadow 7:45
9 Evening Sun 2:44
10 Must Have Been A Miracle 2:00
11 Wondering 2:44
12 What Should I Do 1:46
13 Approaching The City 4:27
14 Didn’t Really Die 4:27

DOWNLOAD a requiem for a white box HERE!

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