Thursday, 15 May 2014

Jandek - "Living in a Moon so Blue" (Corwood 0743) 1982

In my rush to post all the Jandek LP's I have, I missed a couple of the very best, and now I've fucked up the chronology!
 "Living in a Moon so Blue" is where Jandek gets more assertive,even aggressive, bashing his acoustic to the point of distortion. Like a unissued recording from Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk, recorded in a 1930's mental institution.
This is where Jandek's stuff starts to get really ‘difficult’ and damaged.Lots of pissed-off down strokes, tracks that build into blister-inducing dirges and into a seriously fucked up mess of naked psychoses.
All in all, Living in a Moon So Blue is one of his best, the presentation and approach seemingly from a different time altogether, like some greyish Eastern Bloc country, around 1962?” 


A1 Gretchen 2:47
A2 One Step Ahead 2:06
A3 Suppression
A4 Strange Phenomenon 3:09
A5 You Can Stop Now 2:20
A6 Comedy 1:49
A7 Sailors 1:47
A8 Bludgeon 1:50
A9 All In An Apple Orchard 2:37
B1 She Fell Down 3:30
B2 Professional 2:25
B3 Anticipation 2:43
B4 Alexandria Knows 2:34
B5 Quite Nonchalant 2:16
B6 Relief Of The Night 3:18
B7 Crime Payes 3:00

DOWNLOAD and live in a moon sooooo blue HERE!

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