Monday, 12 May 2014

Jandek ‎– "Khartoum" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0781) 2005

Jandek does post 9/11 muslim chic? I assume that is Jandek, in islam-a-like mode, on the cover? Sporting blacked out eyes, as a reference to the islamic pastime of gouging ones eyes out to be closer to the "spirit world".Some lines in the first song even appear to be about the famous False Flag event:
I wanted to go to the spirit world/ But you were large, large, large, large/ Now you’re all powder/ Gone up in smoke/ Gone down in thunder/ You’re part of my dream...”
As raw and mysterious as ever,Khartoum consists of alienated, atonal strum-and-twang acoustic guitar, teamed with loosely demented vocals, sometimes quietly spoken, sometimes pitched to a warbling holler, delivered with the stream of consciousness lyrical logic of a homeless drug casualty.The playing combines the best aspects of the more recent guitar albums and early nineties Jandek.Again the songs seem fixated on past broken relationships, forgiveness, regret, and despair. It’s another soul laid bare, speaking directly but in such an idiosyncratic manner that it will only be heard by those with a Iron will to listen. This scramble of strings and chaotic chording provides almost a respite from his depressed words and sometimes excruciatingly miserable wail,but what d'ya expect? Jandek LP's are not filed under easy listening for a reason.

You Wanted To Leave
I Shot Myself
New Dimension
In A Chair I Stare
Move From The Mountain
Fork In The Road

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Matt said...

Great Jandek posts! But still dying to hear Khartoum Variations. It's supposedly the better of the two.