Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Jandek - "One Foot In The North" (Corwood 0758) 1991

One night in 1991 Jandek couldn't sleep, so he spent the whole night making a record.... This record. At least that's the image this conjures up in an imagination that is rapidly becoming seriously diseased by listening to too much fucking Jan,Dek!
The first three 'tunes' are more come down 'downer' folk, like early Jandek but with randomly plucked electric guitar in place of detuned/untuned acoustic.
This dark atmosphere is either alleviated or exacerbated by the arrival of softly pummelled, arrhythmic,  drums, and the odd flaccid blues boogie.
It does include another of thee classic Jandek tracks though.‘Upon the Grandeur’ lives up to its title; eight and a half minutes of beautiful panoramic balladry, oozing a melodic atmosphere of melancholic loneliness; rather than the desperate isolation we hear in the rest of the album.
Like the classic cover photograph, the music exists as a silhouette in a dimly lit room at night.


A1 Yellow Pages 6:57
A2 Angel 3:17
A3 Show The Man Your Picture 1:51
A4 Think About Your Lady 2:41
A5 Real Fine Movement 2:36
A6 Alehouse Blues 3:10
B1 Upon The Grandeur 8:27
B2 Phoenix 4:43
B3 Dreaming Man 3:33
B4 Breast In A Moonbeam 2:32
B5 Honey 1:20

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