Tuesday, 20 May 2014

不失者 (Fushitsusha) ‎– "悲愴 (Pathétique)" (P.S.F. Records ‎– PSFD-50) 1994

Yes, all the covers are the same, and to the untrained ear, so are the contents.
Yet, here we have a full spectrum Fushitsusha workout. Starting with the slow descent into hell to find that we are already there, march, of track one.
Then we have what a Punk Rock anthem would sound like if it was made of glass and smashed violently on a steel floor.
"Song" number three shifts from a "catchy" yet dissonant, descending, mantra-rock groove into more improvised, feedback bliss at all the "right", “wrong” moments.
Finally, at well over 40 minutes, track four stretches out a solid ocean of distortion into one of those “timeless / infinite moments”that make the terrifying  prospect of eternal life seem almost desirable.
Probably my personal favourite 不失者 album,less sprawling, and to the point than the other epics.
What I can't work out is how "悲愴" translates into bloody french? This has to be bollocks, surely?
To ease this minor irritation the album is also referred to as "4" or "Hisou"; which is anglicised Japanese for.....mmmm....Pathetic! 


1 Untitled 5:00
2 Untitled 9:35
3 Untitled 15:59
4 Untitled 44:21

DOWNLOAD this pathetic/pathétique album HERE!


bill said...

My god this is fantastic music. The influence of Ron Asheton must've been at work here... in fact mightn't the Psychedelic Stooges have sounded a bit like this?!? - at least in parts? Sublime. Thankyou Mr Z.

Yasmeen Elsayed said...

thanks ..............

apf said...

Thank you!