Thursday, 15 May 2014

Jandek - "Staring at the Cellophane" (Corwood 0744) 1982

To complete this horrific journey into the dark planet that is Jandek, its back to 1982,for one of the very best early period albums; and boy is this a downer!
The downward spiral continues, this is ghost town music... Spooky, personal, honest,reminiscent of a miserable sunless week in a Gulag, in Siberia, in February.Yes.... that much fun?
The focus here is on a very singular mid-tempo acoustic-guitar sound, with special attention to finger pickin’.The big exceptions are the muted hard-strum violence of “Sound I”, which is mostly instrumental but quite different from the melancholy plucked-string approach; and a weird history lesson called “Nepoleon in Russia” [sic].
Another of the best Jandek  records,with classic title, and classic cover art.


A1 Michael 2:57
A2 This Is For You 3:10
A3 Riddles Riddling Me 2:44
A4 Basic Themes 2:50
A5 I See Lights 2:34
A6 Rather Be Blind 1:53
A7 Away 2:18
A8 Don’t Get Too Upset 2:35
B1 A Letter 2:23
B2 Nevermore 3:01
B3 Sand I 2:30
B4 Nepoleon In Russia 3:05
B5 Split To The East 2:55
B6 Number 14 2:43
B7 Blood And Bone 3:17

DOWNLOAD some cellophane to stare at HERE!


Anonymous said...

Is 'Later On' going to make an appearance?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Jandek. Interesting.