Friday, 9 May 2014

Jandek - "Worthless Recluse" (Corwood 0769) 2001

For me, this second accapela CD is probably the most strange and outsider garde Jandek release in a vast canon of Strangeness. A collection of unaccompanied disjointed and fuzzy poetry, delivered in an unsyncopated stacatto style. Long silences permeate the stanza's , and the obvious interjection of a noise gate after each short phrase, make the silences even silenter. The exact opposite of Pop, and the real sound of inward rebellion from the outside.
Love the cover shot, and the self-analytical title.
Worthless Recluse does away with any tunefulness and goes for straight ahead spoken word inter-galactic sixth form beat poetry, a lo-fi distillation of Burroughs' cut-up techniques. Why this hasn't been taken more seriously by the spoken-words/poetry scene as a major work is a travesty of the highest order.Maybe because it was made by an Outsider, like you?


1 The Clothes 1:09
In The Cave 5:53 
3 Out Of The Cave 4:34 
4 Stopped 2:14
5 Interlude 1:57
6 The Dunes 1:29
7 Aimless Breeze 2:00 
8 You Wake Up Deadmen 3:30
9 Worthless Recluse 17:10
10 Lofty Rider 1:25
11 The Stars Spell Your Name 2:17
12 Your Turn 1:31
13 You Won’t Get Up 1:12

DOWNLOAD this worthless recluse HERE!


Anonymous said...

This is the third spoken-word album - This Narrow Road was the second. Yes, I'm a nazi about these things even to those who don't care. Ho hum.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well, as no-one has bothered to comment on this post in about 7 and half years, I guess nobody does care.

Anonymous said...

It's totally genius. "Step into the dream"....

kevinesse said...

wasn't aware of these acappella jimmy jandek have served mankind well

Jonny Zchivago said...

Wporthless Recluse is the perfect Xmas record in my opinion.