Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Derek Bailey ‎– "Solo Guitar" (Incus Records ‎– 2) 1971

The English version of Keiji Haino, or rather,version of the Japanese version of Derek Bailey; late,Derek Bailey. Who did for the guitar, what Coltrane and Ayler did for the Saxophone.
Another fine example of an artist ploughing the same furrow, in the face of  hostile indifference; if that exists?
The DIY connection here is that Derek Bailey and Evan Parker started their own record label called Incus Records in the early seventies; one of the first artist-run outfits, of which this LP was the second release.
Once upon a time I was woken from a dream by my guitar seemingly playing itself in a strange disjointed plinky-plucky harmonic stylee. On illuminating the situation, i caught sight of the culprit. It was a mouse clambering on the strings, searching for food I assume.
Had I heard this record before this experience, I would have expected to see the ghost of Derek Bailey sitting down in the corner of my room, knocking out an improvisation. For this was what it sounds like.
Personally I prefer Bailey's work when it has a bit of distortion involved,and you can only wonder if the Fushitsusha guitarist modelled his style on Derek’s great quest for the unknown chord.
There was even a Keiji Haino and Derek Bailey collaboration album, released on Incus records in the late nineties.Definitely an influence on the Japanese underground methinks.


A1 Improvisation 4 2:02
A2 Improvisation 5 7:50
A3 Improvisation 6 5:37
A4 Improvisation 7 3:19
B1 Where Is The Police? 8:25
B2 Christiani Eddy 5:50
B3 The Squirrel And The Ricketty-Racketty Bridge 6:31
 Bonus Tracks:
8 Improvisation 3 2:41
9 Improvisation 8 4:19
10 Improvisation 9 1:52
11 Improvisation 10 3:04
12 Improvisation 11 2:16
13 Improvisation 12 3:46

DOWNLOAD solo guitar by yourself HERE!


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Happy to do something back in return for your relentless postings! If you follow-up with an e-mail address, I can send you a link to the Bailey/Haino album in my dropbox.

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ROOKSBY said...

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