Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Jandek - "Somebody In The Snow" (Corwood 0757) 1990

Crosby,Stills,Nash and Jandek would have been a terrible Idea; but Jandek,Jandek,Jandek and Pat works just fine.
I listened to this record last night and it reminded me of an entertaining,but deranged, version of Crosby,Stills,and Yaaaawwwn!? The night before, it suggested the Eagles on Angel Dust, as heard by a paranoid schizophrenic on 'The Chemical Cosh' medication.
Tonight, it sounds like a pretty sophisticated Jandek record, with a bunch of excellent,but casually stapled together, distintegrating country rock tunes. If only country music was this affecting, instead of being the most pointless drivel still floating in the toilet of Pop.
We get Nancy's sister,Pat, back for another stab at being Jandek's lead singer for a few tracks. She ain't too bad at it either;though she isn’t as strong a singer as her sister, may I add?
The acappella track “Om” sticks out, with its 'Rosemary's baby' vibe, and “Bring It In a Manger”, is definitely one of the best Christmas songs ever, and certainly the only one with the word “genitals” in it.
A very consistent and listenable Jandek album to kick off the Nineties.


A1 Tell Me Who You Are 3:48
A2 Come Through With A Smile 5:52
A3 I May Not Be Around 2:03
A4 Pastimes 3:15
A5 Om 2:27
A6 Bring It In A Manger 2:17
B1 Walking Around 2:48
B2 Sense Of Reason 2:00
B3 Remind You 2:32
B4 Corner Of The Street 2:51
B5 Stick With Me 2:42
B6 What You Give Me 3:05
B7 You Sing A Song 1:33
B8 Walking Home 2:03

DOWNLOAD and be somebody in the (s)know HERE!


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Nice review, OM is truly amazing...