Friday, 16 May 2014

不失者 (Fushitsusha) ‎– "不失者 (Fushitsusha, or Double Live)" - (P.S.F. Records ‎– PSF-3/4) 1989

After all these Jandek posts, one turns ones mind to similar artistes from other country's of the post-rock'n'roll world. You know the one's, who plough the same deeply unpopular furrow continuously for decades irrespective of public, or critical opinion.
For example, I can think of Whitehouse,or even Mark E. Smith (but maybe he's too popular?) , from the UK, The Dead C from New Zealand, Magma from France,and 不失者, or Fushitsusha from Japan.
I suppose there's also Merzbow,but even that's got the smell of Industrial chic that is increasingly popular these days. Fushitsusha straddle that awkward no-man's land middle ground between, Noise, Metal, incompetence, and the Avant Garde.
Keiji Haino (灰野敬) is the Jandek of Metal, who plays his guitar as if the instrument was being tortured for information, emitting screams and yells as he applies the electrodes to its genitalia. The vocal sounds Haino regurgitates are also from a similar place, like a political prisoner before he's dunked in the bath of shit.
Also admirable is the fact that this group(formed in 1978) played live for a decade before they even released a record(this is their first release!),and even longer before they even ventured into a recording studio.Hardly a commercial thought entered their pure little minds.
The thing about improvisation, is that there is a very real need to keep it in the moment; a once only experience, never to be repeated or relived. That is the purest form of improvisation in a live environment. Here it has been caged for this insane double album, so we can stare through the bars at this trapped animal; and what a vicious wild beast it is.
The exception for improvised music, is if it is done in a studio direct to record,as it needs an audience to exist.Fushitsusha managed to hold on another few years before they took that route.
Enjoy this primal blast of Free ambient freak out noise rock, created in the moment, and captured for you to reanimate in the future.


A1 あっち 12:32
A2 暗号 10:21
B1 すきにやればいい 11:38
B2 とどかない 10:27
C ここ 26:06
D1 ふわ ふわ 8:04
D2 なったんじゃない 7:46
D3 迷子 10:03

DOWNLOAD this absolute racket HERE!


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