Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Jandek ‎– "Chicago Wednesday" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0804) 2010

If jandek came from the trendier parts of New York,or even, Chicago.He would be hailed as an improv noise genius, like Arto Lindsey, or Lee renaldo, among many others. In fact he was doing this, even less commercially, before they'd even played their first gig.
Jandek's live appearances, as 'The Corwood Representative" , are probably the most accessible and conventional stuff in the Corwood oeuvre. A sort of No Wave for the 21st century,reminding one strongly of a funkier DNA, a more consistent Golden Palomino’s or a jazzier Sonic Youth.
Basically, its Jandek with guitar, backed by very capable improv-savvy musicians, and it works.


1-1 Bad Times 13:18
1-2 Red Skirt 12:01
1-3 Land Of God 11:18
1-4 The Lost Ruse 11:20
2-1 Blue Plastic Mat 11:48
2-2 Let Me Go 11:17
2-3 My Vow 13:54

DOWNLOAD a bleak wednesday in chicago HERE!

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Anonymous said...

hahahaha Your comment about Arto and Renaldo is how I've felt for years. Kinda funny/sad how all Sterling had to do was refuse interviews and concerts to get pegged as likely mentally ill. Only recently has that stopped being the case, too. Irwin Chusid's insulting, bullshit book didn't help either, I suppose. Although, considering all Irwin had to do was skim through Ready For The House to seemingly be absolutely convinced Sterling was a nutbar capable of stalking him and then proceeded to correspond with the guy anyway... Well, Jandek doesn't really come across as the one that's mentally disturbed in that situation, does he? No wonder the lack of desire to talk to the press.