Thursday, 1 May 2014

Jandek - "Six and Six" (Corwood 0740) 1981

there was a three year gap between the first two LP’s — Jandek’s 'lost years',even more 'lost' than the years that he wasn't 'lost'?Musically, this is the most catatonic and monochromatic Jandek LP, the most sullen and withdrawn. The songs drift past one by one like ships in the fog, propelled by a mogadon fuelled acoustic guitarist working slow on steady variations of the same handful of cracked notes. Even more than the first LP, this is the distilled essence of Jandek, the baseline from which the rest of this un-music develops.Probably my favourite Jandek album,if the words favourite and jandek are allowed in the same sentence?


A1 Feathered Drums 3:27
A2 Point Judith 4:32
A3 I Knew You Would Leave 10:06
A4 Can I See Your Clock 2:29
B1 Wild Strawberries 6:00
B2 Forgive Me 3:58
B3 Hilltop Serenade 5:13
B4 You're The Best One 2:52
B5 Delinquent Words 3:43

DOWNLOAD six and six and make 13 HERE!


Thirty Imaginary Friends said...

Was #0741 never uploaded here? If so, it is not here. If not, please upload it.

Jonny Zchivago said...

yes its there alright....look a bit more carefully. jandek is upset with you.

Thirty Imaginary Friends said...

B-b-but it's not there