Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Jandek - "Twelfth Apostle" (Corwood 0760) 1993

After a spate of uncharacteristically revealing album covers, Jandek hides again. Colour photo of the back of a house in bright daylight. Several windows are visible and the curtains on all of them are of course drawn tight. There is a brick garage behind the house with a yellow birdhouse (?) on top of it. It’s conceivably the same house as on the cover of You Walk Alone; white colour and width of siding match, but there’s no way to be sure. It’s definitely not the house from Telegraph Melts though; the garage doesn’t match.
The most “pure” Jandek album since Blue Corpse — rock and/or blues overtones are basically absent. All-acoustic, one guitar only, no drums, three to four minute songs. A heavy-handed echo effect surrounds the guitar on some of side two. Mood is thorny, ambivalent, a little impersonal, serious but not depressed like Blue Corpse.  Stylistically, it resembles the CD’s that follow, not the LP’s that came before.
Although I dread to think what the track "White Knob" is about!?


A1 Walking 3:06
A2 You're Not Even Alive 3:35
A3 Native Land 3:53
A4 Rooftop Sunset 2:18
A5 Bedside 2:48
A6 Solid Stone 2:41
B1 Out In The Rain 3:12
B2 The Gone Wait 3:23
B3 Could Be Anyone 2:56
B4 Twelfth Apostle 4:25
B5 White Knob 3:17
B6 Whiskers 2:13
B7 Four By Four 2:50

DOWNLOAD apostle number twelve HERE!

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