Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Jandek - "Lost Cause" (Corwood 0759) 1992

Strummy, tuneful Jandek;ranging from the cute straight pop of ‘Babe I Love You’, to the dysfunctional Tim Buckley before ECT "Crack a Smile". That's side one.
Then we get side two!
A twenty minute freeform freak out called "The Electric End" , full of stream of consciousness guitar abuse, childlike drum abuse, and an irritating tinnitus inducing whistling noise.Jandek’s version of ‘L.A. Blues’ or Coltrane's ‘Om’. Nineteen minutes of atonal, psychotic BLARE featuring noise, crash, howl, one of those bird whistles and someone trying to make that weird sound that the 13th Floor Elevators did on ‘You're Gonna Miss Me’.OUCH!


A1 Green And Yellow 4:07
A2 Babe I Love You 4:03
A3 Cellar 1:39
A4 How Many Places 2:54
A5 Crack A Smile 2:59
A6 God Came Between Us 3:25
A7 I Love You Now It’s True 2:50
B1 The Electric End 19:18

DOWNLOAD a found lost cause HERE!

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Anonymous said...

Thank You! Love this one!