Thursday, 1 May 2014

Jandek - "Interstellar Discussion" (Corwood 0747) 1984

A classic deconstruction of Rock experiment from Jandek, with John on Drums again.
The grunts, groans,"Hey's" and shouty vocalisations of rock'n'roll are chopped up and glued together in Jandek's strange new rock singing style, for this outing. Backed up by scratchy electric guitar, and John's inspired falling apart drumming.
If a child were given all the component parts of Rock and pop as a sonic jigsaw puzzle with no picture on the box; they would arrange it like side one of this LP. Corner pieces forced into the wrong slots, edge pieces made to form the centre, and the centre pieces stuck on the outside edges with snot and spit. Rock music from the times before the wheel was invented.
Side two however,is the standard exhaling, broken,'Isolation' music that made Jandek ,sort of ,famous in a,sort of,non famous way.


A1 Starless 2:16
A2 Hey 3:13
A3 Why Did I Change A Word In The Last Song 3:05
A4 Waltz In Two-Fourths Time 3:01
A5 Call You The Sun 3:18
A6 I Ain't Got None 3:18
A7 The Spirit 2:25
B1 Rifle In The Closet 3:52
B2 Sung 1:33
B3 Ha Ha 2:15
B4 Customary 2:54
B5 May 7, 9:15 A.M. 2:54
B6 Situations 2:31
B7 Couldn't Be A Reader 2:25
B8 Kick 4:00

DOWNLOAD to discuss things interstellar HERE!

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