Thursday, 1 May 2014

Jandek - "Nine-Thirty" (Corwood 0748) 1985

After the raucous squalor of "Interstellar Discussion", "Nine Thirty" is certainly his come-down record. It’s always difficult to tell how much of the Jandek oeuvre is the result of a psychological problem and how much is consciously constructed aesthetics. So in saying that this is as 'come-down' record could be the result of either or both. Jandek’s voice is hushed, his guitar plucks quieter, and the drums remain untouched. Maybe John (plays drums) killed himself?
As bleak Jandek records go, this is... BLEAK!


A1 Tell Me When 2:12
A2 Left The Beach Last Sunday 2:17
A3 Bells And Voices 2:30
A4 Faye 2:54
A5 Wrong Time 2:23
A6 Voices In The Dark 1:56
A7 Green Dreams 2:10
A8 Blind Cat 2:52
B1 Georgia East 2:47
B2 May 3 2:47
B3 Nine-Thirty 2:42
B4 This Is A Death Dream 5:04
B5 Tumblings 2:36
B6 You Didn't Lie 2:04
B7 Oh Jenny 2:07

DOWNLOAD at nine thirty HERE!

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