Friday, 23 May 2014

Keiji Haino & Derek Bailey ‎– "Songs" (Incus Records ‎– CD 40) 2000

Thanks to Jan Maarten, we now have the Haino/ Bailey collaboration.A true gent.On behalf of all, we bring you gratitude in bucketfuls.

Two guitar hero's that are as far removed from Jimmy Page, and those other incredibly boring standard axe wielders, than you can imagine.
This is like taking any guitar solo from the first fifty years of Rock music, feeding it through a hardcore pulverising unit, and separating the dust and the shards, gluing them to a music box cylinder, playing it once, before smashing it with a sledgehammer.
It has NOTHING to do with conventional guitar traditions whatsoever!
Haino's vocalising is similarly split into micro-syllables and splinters of words that seem to mimic its six string equivalent, and vice versa.
If in your world, Jimi Hendrix was from Mars, then this is from an exo-planet sucked through a wormhole from an anti-universe somewhere that barely exists.


1 Yume Ga Ichiban Muchi
2 25 No Seimeitai
3 Aru Kanashika No Juni
4 2 To Mugen No Torihiki
5 Zen'i No Yokubo
6 Boka Ga Nejirekireru To Ai
7 Zureteyuku No Ha Watashi, Soretomo Ima
8 Ten To Tomo Ni Ishoni Itagaru Shugo
9 Egatai Kanashimi O Te Ni Ireta
10 Chotto Burusu Ni Aisatsu
11 Kotaerarenai Hazu Na No Ni
12 Ichi O Tashikamete Kara...
13 Fukuzatsu To Iu Zurusa
Tsumasaki Kara No Keikoku
15 Kikiakasarerarenai Koto
16 Massugu Tte Kore De Ii No?

DOWNLOAD some songs HERE!


bill said...

Thankyou Jan!

Unknown said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Cafe Oto have Incus downloads including this one in FLAC
Also other Derek Bailey stuff
A cracking Haino/Steve Noble duo live set
Bill Nace's Open Mouth Label. Bill Nace is generally only known as the "bloke who done that thing with Kim Gordon" by turnip Sonic Youth fans if at all. I urge you to be a shining example of humanity and resist turniphood by getting his duos with Baczkowski. That way if I meet you in the wild we can natter about them & not get derailed into a conversation about "I like Goo, but that experimental stuff is shite"
I can live in hope.