Thursday, 1 May 2014

Jandek - "Chair Beside a Window" (corwood 0742) 1982

Mmmmm,interesting, Jandek had 'friends'? And 'friends' that are just as musically dysfunctional as the man himself! Check out the retread of 'European Jewel', which conjures images of a Free Rock therapy free for all, at the mental health day centre.Jandek’s first electric-guitar piece, comes screamin’ in like Elmore James having a seizure. Bass Player John sounds likes he has Talons instead of fingers,and the inspired  dumpster emptying drumming of Elvin Jones's brain injured cousin,turn this classic into an improv experiment akin to the chaos theory of anti-music.
Of course we have more of Jandek's random anaesthetised guitar plucking and nuisance call vocals; but the surprise of the album is the appearance of a girly singer, called Nancy, for Jandek's "Hit";His most beautiful song , appropriately titled ‘Nancy Sings’. While he plucks slowly one note at a time on guitar, angel-voiced Nancy sings poetic lyrics about nature.An outsider Folk classic of timeless majesty!?Where did that come from?
More Electric Jandek on "No Break", with a different female singer,and maybe, Nancy on Drums? This mumbling female turns out to be Nancy's sister, Pat, who exclaims what most people say when they hear me, or you, listening to a Jandek Record; "You're a Jerk! You're Nuts!"


Down In A Mirror 4:25
European Jewel 4:24
Unconditional Authority 3:41
Poor Boy 2:45
You Think You Know How To Score 2:20
Nancy Sings 2:45
No Break 3:06
Mostly All From You 2:55
Blue Blister 2:15
The Times 3:18
Love, Love 4:10
The First End 4:27

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