Saturday, 3 May 2014

Jandek - "Modern Dances" (Corwood 0752) 1987

How many times have I got to tell you?
So goes this opening charming duet, a remake of the "Telegraph Melts" psycho-classic, 'Painted my Teeth';with a yelling Jandek and Nancy barking instructions about what not to do with various dental areas. The electric guitar cacophony returns with the tumbling drums, tumbling like plastic buckets being tipped into a landfill site.
It even seems like they are having fun(?) as I detect stifled laughter near the end of the tune. So it seems that Jandek and Nancy are back together after "Blue Corpse",and enjoying each others company?
And it goes on for eight tracks, wild distorted party music, with Nancy singing,shouting and barking on several of 'em. A primal falling apart version of the R'n'R myth.A texan version of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks,but a not taken seriously redneck version. Rabid naked catharsis on vinyl.
The last three tracks seem to be leftovers from another earlier album. Gone are the Drums, electric guitar, and, regrettably, Nancy! Back come the randomly plucked acoustic, and the whining and the whinging and the moping. Well, we didn't want you to enjoy yourself too much did we?


A1 Painted My Teeth 4:47
A2 Twelve Minutes Since February 32'nd 4:28
A3 Hand For Harry Idle 3:58
A4 Number 512 3:30
A5 Nothing Is Better Than God 4:22
B1 Spiritual Song 4:20
B2 Spanish In Me 003 4:21
B3 I Want To Know Why 5:15
B4 Simple As That 2:07
B5 Open E 3:17
B6 Carnival Queen 3:33

DOWNLOAD a dance of the modern style HERE!

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Anonymous said...

This album came out before Blue Corpse so the Nancy/Breakup thing still could be true. I happen to think that's horseshit anyway because Blue Corpse is an album made with another person and you can clearly hear the fun they're having - Even laughing together at one point. Then the next album once again is a band recording. I think the "Blue Corpse = Breakup" thing is just one of those cases where somebody wants to make something about Jandek mysterious when it isn't.