Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Jandek ‎– "Glasgow Sunday 2005" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0792) 2008

Live Jandek????
Jandek plays live???..............has this destroyed the mystique?.............I rather think.....Yes!
Although he still doesnt confirm that the performer IS Jandek himself, referring to himself as "The Representative From Corwood".The first ever live Jandek concert took place in Scotland in October 2004. It was unannounced.
This is a later Glasgow appearence from 2005.
The credit on the back says “RECORDED LIVE: THE ARCHES GLASGOW SCOTLAND OCTOBER 16, 2005”. On the first track the representative from Corwood delivers a long spoken narrative. He also sings and plays harmonica,expertly backed by improv legend, Loren Connors on electric guitar. On the second track, the rep plays drum kit, with Heather Leigh Murray on lap steel guitar and wordless vocals with Alan Licht on electric guitar.
This is more Jandek, backed by very capable improv legends, than classic Jandek. It's far too 'good' in the "well Played" department to be filed under Jandek. Outsider music played by Insiders to entertain an audience of Hipsters.
These live outings are Jandek's most 'acceptable' recordings,taken seriously by chin strokers everywhere.
Very listenable stuff indeed, a kind of outsider ambient, atmospheric harmonics, floating underneath Jandek's haunted poetry, and ghostly harmonica. Stuff you could play without your wife complaining.
It gets worse, he's even done an interview recently with mainstream music magazine 'The Wire'???? I expect TV appearances will follow; probably on that horrible Jools Holland music show, that infects my TV with its smug bank managers coffee table vibe that makes one feel sick, and music pointless.


1 The Grassy Knoll
Electric Guitar [Uncredited] – Loren Mazzacane Connors Vocals [Uncredited], Harmonica [Uncredited] – Jandek
2 Tribal Ether
Drums [Uncredited] – Jandek Electric Guitar [Uncredited] – Alan Licht Steel Guitar [Pedal, Uncredited], Vocals [Uncredited] – Heather Leigh Murray

DOWNLOAD a sunday in glasgow 2005 HERE!


kevinass said...

saw him in LA a couple of years ago.....it didn't dispel any mystery for me!...on top of mysterious and oddball outsider, he was creepy on top of it! even Malicious. it was great. He and a strangely sexual girl were travelling together and booked seperate rooms but only used one. He said it was his daughter. The rest of the band were 2 (i think?) local girls who had never played any instruments or ever appeared on stage. FUCKED Up greatness.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Very interesting....you've just enhanced the mythology somewhat.