Thursday, 1 May 2014

Jandek - "Your Turn To Fall" (Corwood 0745) 1983

Droney freak folk from the outside of what is accepted as 'normal'. Moaning whining vocals expectorating apoetic mumblings of isolation and hopelessness.
If that hasn't wetted your taste buds then you are DEAD!
The Brain injured Elvin Jones makes another appearance;only this time we find out that its the mysterious John,as heard on "European Jewel" from "Chair beside a Window". How do we know this nugget of information?......well, its on a track called "John Plays Drums".Most of these titles are self descriptive, like "New String", which is basically the sound of Jandek applying, and tuning, or de-tuning, a new string on his guitar;after inevitably snapping one with his unique clawing technique that adorns many of of these non-songs.
Another great album cover too!


A1 Liquids Flow To The Sea 4:14
A2 Elementary Talk 2:24
A3 John Plays Drums 2:28
A4 No Time 2:00
A5 You Don’t Have To Entertain Me 1:53
A6 Decree 1:51
A7 New String 2:18
A8 Echo 2:43
B1 Centaur Train 2:26
B2 Dance Of Death 2:22
B3 If Your Fortune Fails You 2:58
B4 I’ll Come Back 2:52
B5 About Today 2:08
B6 Such A Thrill 1:35
B7 Didn’t Have To Cry 2:15
B8 They Knew My Game 3:12

DOWNLOAD and wait for your turn to fall HERE!

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