Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Nihilist Spasm Band ‎– "No Record" (Allied Record Corporation ‎– RECORD NO. 5) 1968

"NO" is a fine word to use in the advancement of the musical form. Say "NO" to accepted conventions,"NO" to corporate rock, "NO" to popularism.This record says a big "NO" to all of these things, and more;maybe even to itself!
Like biological evolution, where spontaneity and random actions lead to something better and beautiful; improvised "music" on improvised instruments lead to something similar.
If one had an infinite number of Nihilist Spasm Bands, we would end up with everything from Mozart's 40th to a Tony Conrad one note drone,or even "The Birdy Song".
Its NO coincidence that AMM and The Nihilist Spasm Band evolved at the same time,and have record covers with an inordinate amount of yellow on them! Evolution has a habit of producing a similar version on different continents,in different ways; and its also no surprise that it took both groups a decade to get another recording out. The new and unpopular is always shunned by the thronged masses, until it has either died or disappeared,or something even less desirable has evolved. The rise of Punk Rock related artworks in the late seventies made these groups seem relevant and even intellectual,when compared to the anti-intellectual stance of the charting Punks. A new market for extreme music rose from the ashes of the New Wave, and we could even be seen buying the new albums from AMM and that Nihilist Spasm lot.
What greater up yours to corporate rock could one have? A group that,in addition to the DIY home-made instruments, the members are encouraged to improvise,and the range of the improvisation is such that instruments are not tuned to each other, tempos and time signatures are not imposed,and the members push the ranges of their instrumentation by engaging in constant innovation.
Ahhhhhh, Freedom!


A1 Destroy The Nations 8:00
A2 When In London Sleep At The York Hotel 5:30
A3 The Byron Bog 10:40
B1 Dog Face Man 7:20
B2 Oh Brian Dibb 4:00
B3 Destroy The Nations Again 12:30

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