Friday, 2 May 2014

Jandek - "Telegraph Melts" (Corwood 0750) 1986

OMFG! the generic modern youth would exclaim upon first encountering the Madness that is a Jandek Album.
The generic modern youth in question had just heard the bad acid and angeldust damaged snuff movie nightmare of “You Painted Your Teeth”.Where Jandek frenziedly harangues an unknown second person not to paint their teeth?????: “Don’t paint your teeth! You painted your teeth! DON’T PAINT YOUR TEETH!” he screams!!
Well worth the entrance money alone, for it is up there with Suicide's "Frankie Teardrop" for its hair on back of neck erecting abilities.
The drumming on this fine record, is almost 'funky' by Jandek standards,which gives these demented songs a near commercial appeal. A kind of Avant Punk power is achieved in its disturbed anger. It may sound like a confused mess to those assimilated slaves of the new world order;but its an accurate suburban folk portrayal of modern human civilisation.......a confused mess.
 Jandek lives next door to someone far away, someplace where ‘music’ is an expression of emotion and not a packaged entertainment; made for self, rather than for an audience.
 While firmly entrenched in the ‘classic’ Jandek sound of open-chord guitar pluckery and vocals that teeter on the brink of losing what little grip of sanity was there, this album stands out for a surprisingly consistent rhythmic attack on the first six tracks. Jandek hammers at his abused drumkit with locomotive rigor and intensity rarely heard in any of the previous recordings; of course, he inevitably loses control of the rhythm and sends it tumbling down the stairs. The rest of the tracks are far more loose in the rhythmic structure. Again, the woman who may be known as Nancy sings on a couple of tracks: one of which finds her sounding more like Jandek with a strained, atonal vibrato.
Quite simply, one of the finest Jandek LP's.
But,remember..... "DON’T PAINT YOUR TEETH!"


A1 You 1:33
A2 On The Planes 2:43
A3 Go To Bed 2:44
A4 Ace Of Diamonds 4:45 

A5 Twenty-Four 5:07 
A6 No Slow Ones 3:16
A7 Telegraph Melts 4:10
B1 Governor Rhodes 5:17
B2 Star Up In The Sky 3:29
B3 You Painted Your Teeth 2:55
B4 Mother's Day Card 2:02
B5 The Fly 3:35

B6 House Up On The Hill 2:14

DOWNLOAD some molten telegraph messages HERE!


Michael said...

Aw, too late, painted my teeth already...
Wow, I still cannot get enough of his music. I have listened to his records the hole day long and I still like it better than anything I know from Bogshed (strange to compare these two, anyway.I wouldnt Bogshed as difficult music myself).
And I agree, the most beautiful or "best cover art in pop history".
Maybe I should rent a loft and buy all his records only to hang them on the walls.
Thanks again Jonny,
best, Mchael

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes, Bogshed are definitely "Pop",whereas Jandek is virtually an experiment in anthropology and mental illness as art. Insiders and Outsiders.

michael said...

"Insiders and Outsiders."
That´s it.
Did I ever tell you, I, er, no, so:
I am always stunned how profoundly and yet precisely your comments and texts are. I always enjoy reading your posts, sometimes more than the music itself.
It is nearly unbelievable that you seem to not only have listened to this sheer mass of music you´re posting here (instead of just amsssing files), but always have lots of interesting things to say about it and think about.
Great work, thanks
Exit bumrusher:-)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thanks Michael.
I play music all day while i work.It alleviates the boredom somewhat. This leads to an unconscious need for more and more difficult music to appreciate.
I think I actually have more interest in analysing and writing about music than actually listening to it; so it pleases me that the writing is appreciated in this way.
Theres more Jandek coming up. I just gotta re-familiarise myself with the next few records, in between something lighter so i don't top myself!

I seem to have lost a couple of my favourite Jandek albums, "Staring at the Cellophane" and "Living in a Moon so Blue" if anyone has files of them, me and Michael would appreciate it.
Cheers JZ

Jonny Zchivago said...

Ratordog, you are a wonderful modern gentleman.

Don't wanna be a pain, but i also lost Modern dances and the Living End!

I added your fine blog to my blog list by the way.

Anonymous said...

Great album, but it's skipping like crazy.