Thursday, 8 September 2016

Bram Tchaikovsky ‎– "Strange Man, Changed Man" (Radar Records ‎– RAD 17) 1979

I suspect that Bram Tchaikovsky was not too enamored with the second album direction of The Motors, and left the group to it. His solo work is more or less a more melodic version of the Motors before 1978. Powerful, and tuneful Power pop of the highest quality.
I'm sure there was a US hit tune on here that got in the Billboard top 40..."Girl Of My Dreams"(Bloody Hell, it features Mike Oldfield on ...Tubular Bells!) it was I reckon? This gave our Bram more albums to record in the future.....but no more hits were forthcoming, so he got the boot after album three.
This one is his/their best.


A1 Robber 3:06
A2 Strange Man, Changed Man 4:05
A3 Lonely Dancer 3:54
A4 I'm The One That's Leaving 3:27
A5 Girl Of My Dreams4:10
B1 Bloodline 3:48
B2 Nobody Knows 4:32
B3 Lady From The USA
B4 I'm A Believer 3:46
B5 Sarah Smiles 3:37
B6 Turn On The Light 2:49

DOWNLOAD this sweet nutcracker of an album HERE!

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