Saturday, 10 September 2016

Bram Tchaikovsky ‎– "Funland" (Arista ‎– SPART 1164) 1981

Ah, the Funland that is being on a proper record label is written all over Bram's face, as depicted on the front cover of his third and final LP. You'd have thought he'd have learned his lesson after Virgin ruined his previous group, The Motors.
A fitting epitaph for Mr Tchaikovsky's pop career.
It contains the usual finely crafted melodic power pop of the previous two albums,although audibly running out of steam, and over produced. Which equals another flop and the sack; probably owing Arista tens of thousands of pounds for the privilege.


A1 Stand And Deliver 3:30
A2 Shall We Dance? 3:06
A3 Heart Of Stone 3:30
A4 Breaking Down The Walls Of Heartache 2:40
A5 Model Girl 4:32
B1 Why Does My Mother 'Phone Me? 3:29
B2 Used To Be My Used To Be 2:56
B3 Soul Surrender 3:30 (missing Mp3 for download)
B4 Together My Love 3:50
B5 Miracle Cure 2:44
B6 Egyptian Mummies 4:18

DOWNLOAD the sheer and utter fun of record label funded failure HERE!


pete said...

Thanks for this! "Soul Surrender" appears to be missing, though...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi,so it is.....i'll upload the single track as an mp3...just click on the highlighted track and you can download it. Saves reupping the file.